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Very Simple Mobile Menu with TailwindCSS & AlpineJS

Posted 26th Mar 2020

Almost every new website I build requires some kind of menu that then needs to be hidden away into a panel or slide out version for use on mobile & tablet devices. Read more.

New Tailwind Template - Product Launch

Posted 07th Jul 2019

Do you have a new product that's in the process of being launched? I've created a sleek looking template ready just for you. If you're already handy with HTML, you can go ahead and copy the source code, add in your content and you're away. Read more.

Photography Showcase Template [FREE]

Posted 01st Jul 2019

Are you a photographer and want to start showing what you can do on your own website? I've created a sleek looking template ready just for you. If you're already handy with HTML, you can go ahead and copy the source code, add in your content and you're away. Read more.

Google Fonts Loader Laravel Package

Posted 27th May 2019

The majority of websites I build utilise custom web fonts; more often than not these will be Google hosted web fonts. I wanted a way that would make adding these fonts to my Laravel projects quick, easy and manageable. Read more.

New Product Showcase Theme

Posted 07th Mar 2019

This weeks latest free template is a product showcase style theme that is extremely versatile & adaptable. The template features a full screen layout with a large scale product image. Read more.

Setup wildcard domain routing using Laravel Forge

Posted 18th Jan 2019

This is useful if you need to build a Laravel application that can be run on multiple domains, but you're not sure what those domain names will be yet. For example, you might have a SAAS application that allows users to setup custom domain names on their profiles. Read more.

Free Layouts & Templates using the Tailwind CSS framework

Posted 11th Jan 2019

I have released a public repository on Github where I will be uploading free layouts for anyone to use. There will be at least 1 new layout published every week so be sure to keep checking back, or even consider subscribing to the repository so you don't miss an update. Read more.

A CSS Only Christmas Fireplace

Posted 24th Dec 2018

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas the only the way I know how... by building something Christmassy using only HTML & CSS. Check it out below - it's almost 1,000 lines of CSS! Read more.

Create free embeddable forms with Digizu Pages.

Posted 18th Dec 2018

I've already introduced this over on my agency's website, Digizu, however I'd like to introduce a new feature that we've just added. Oh, and did I mention it's free? You can now embed any form or page from Digizu pages directly within your website. Simply create your desired form layout, and copy the embed code directly from the settings tab. Read more.

How to get started with Laravel Wink.

Posted 17th Dec 2018

I have used a lot of blogging platforms or content management systems in the past. Up until a few years ago I was a very big WordPress user, I used it for almost everything. Then I fell more in love with back-end programming, specifically PHP and the Laravel framework. Since then I've been looking for a blogging alternative that's a good as WordPress but that allows as much customisation as I need. Then a few weeks ago, one of the main developers of the Laravel framework came out with his own. Wink. Read more.

The hatching Dino.

Posted 15th Dec 2018

I created a hatching Dinosaur animation using only CSS - for two reasons. Firstly, why not? I'm always fascinated by how far you can push what's possible in CSS, and one of the best ways to do that is by using animation. Secondly, it was a Codepen challenge a few weeks ago. Read more.

This is my new personal website.

Posted 13th Dec 2018

Welcome to the personal website of Ross McNeil. That's me. I wanted to introduce to you my newest website design. Thank you for stopping by. Read more.