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How it works

Learn more about exactly how the website design process works

When we build your new website, we go through my tried and tested website design process. This process is fairly unique and different to most web designers approach to building a website. It’s a process that’s designed to be efficient and enjoyable but most importantly ensure the best quality end product for you.

Collating and creating the website content

The first step is all about collacting the content we will need for the website. This includes information about your business, services, contact information and then any images or video you require on your website.

Building out the homepage

After we've gathered all the information needed for the website, we start getting busy building out the homepage of your website. We start with website home page to make sure that we absolutely nail the style, colours, fonts, and the whole entire feel of the site. It’s also important we mention that I'll build this website home page on a separate domain to your current website (if you have one). This means that your website can remain up and running, and uninterrupted whilst we build out your new website.

Homepage feedback

When I’ve completed the website homepage, I’ll send you a link to the homepage and ask for your feedback. You can take your time to go through the homepage and get a real feel for it and then provide me with any feedback if you require anything in a different format.

Homepage changes

I’ll go though the changes you require and action them. I’ll make sure that the website homepage is done to the best of my ability and make sure you’re absolutely happy with it before we proceed.

The rest of the website design

Now we’ve made the changes you requested, you’ll be happy with the homepage, the colours, the scheme, the fonts and the general feel of it. Now it’s time for me to build out the rest of the website using the general vibe and feel that we created in the home page.

Website feedback

Now things start to get really interesting because I’ll send you a link to the fully functioning website that I have built. There will still be some snagging to be done and things won’t be entirely perfect at this stage, but we'll be in a really good position for you to be able to give me your final feedback so I can make the final tweaks.

Website changes

I’ll action the feedback that you give me for the rest of the website, upload them and make everything look and function exactly as requested

Website testing and final tweaks

When you’re absolutely happy with the website, now it’s time to get to work on the more technical aspects of the website. This includes things like speed optimisation, meta title and descriptions, alt tags and other SEO fundamentals. During this phase we'll test the website and go through any final snags.

Final payment & Website Launch

I’ll send you my 50% final invoice for the project. When this is settled I’ll move on to making the website live and have everything up and running. Then it's over to you to shout about your newly created website!

Let's build your next website together

The websites I launch are lovingly crafted, I never use off the shelf solutions such as third party templates or WordPress themes. This means my websites are built specifically for your business.

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